Robin Picardo

Robin Picardo

My family moved to Las Vegas when I was a teenager and I’ve been here since, so I’ve been a witness to the growth of the town and of myself. Lots of different adventures; wife, mom, tour guide, and now yoga student and teacher.
In 1992, recovering from a health issue, someone told me about a little yoga class over at Lorenzi Park. I went, and met the teacher Suzanne, and a fun wonderful little band of yogis. Suzanne has been my teacher and beloved friend from then to this present time.

About 15 years ago, a friend and I came to Yoga Sanctuary to a Krishna Das concert and I met Sherry Goldstein for the first time. She was so warm and real and friendly that I just loved her right away. That week I came to one of her classes and I knew that I had met the teacher of my heart. I’ve been here ever since.

In 2010 I got certified as a teacher and Sherry asked me to teach here at Yoga Sanctuary. I found ” what makes my heart sing ” and have been at Yoga Sanctuary ever since, enjoying the energy, wisdom, and funness of the yogis and teachers here.

For me, the ongoing study and practice of yoga is a time and time again discovery under layers of dust and dirt and o,d worn out story’s of who and what I might truly be, beginning to see the lovely light that wants to shine.

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