Rachael Sellars

Rachael Sellars

Rachael Sellars has been teaching at Yoga Sanctuary for the past 14 years and happily calls this studio her home. She teaches everything from group classes, privates, corporate events, workshops, and leads 200 Hr Teacher Trainings.

With an extensive background in dance and fitness, Rachael always thought yoga was about flexibility. In her first Yoga class, she was the blown away of how challenging it was. She discovered a profound “inner strength” that has grown into many years later as confidence, clarity, and love of self. That initial class was the first time that she didn’t feel the need to be perfect. Instead, it allowed her the freedom to move with intention, purpose and connection. Many years later this has made a profound difference in her life off the mat.

In Rachael’s vinyasa-based classes one can expect a creative, yet safe, strong, yet playful style, infused with doses of inspiration that enhances one’s practice. She welcomes all walks of life onto the mat where they can understand that yoga can expand their vision of what is possible, stretch their soul and be true to themselves.
As a respected teacher trainer, Rachael has a deep passion and love for the learning environment. An E-RYT 500 and CEU provider, she has also created Mentorship and Sequencing programs, supporting and guiding yoga professionals into their own teaching path and vision.

In or out of the classroom, Rachael’s presence is simultaneously powerful and tender, strong and loving, otherwise known as the ‘Queen of Serene!’

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