Nichol McIntosh

Nichol McIntosh

I was first introduced to yoga through a Bikram studio in 2008.. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and soon became addicted, trying to go as many days a week as I could fit into my schedule. After a few years, the studio I practiced at transitioned into a more Vinyasa style yoga with some Baptise, and I discovered a whole new level of love for yoga.

Over the years I really noticed a transformation in my personal life. I was calmer, more aware, and in a more loving and positive place. Yoga helped me to see that we can live a life we are passionate about and not the “cookie cutter” life society seems to deem appropriate. At the time I was also an RN, and beginning to resent the field. I decided it wasn’t where my heart was and that I could do something else, follow my true passion.

In 2015, I signed up for my first vinyasa flow 200 RYT at 103 Hot Yoga and Pilates. At the time, I was also newly enrolled to become a holistic health coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Over the years I’ve taught at various places including studios, crossfit gyms, and for corporate companies!
My most recent adventure has been immersing myself into another 200 RYT in September 2017; SmartFLOW with Rachael Sellers at Yoga Sanctuary.

I am so head over heels in love with this journey and am so thankful for yoga, as it helped to guide the way! I am excited to continue spread the love of yoga to others, as I, myself, continue down this amazing path in my life.
Because of all the amazing things yoga has taught me, I have been able to transform my life! In summer of 2017 I left my nursing career permanently and now dedicate my time to teaching yoga and working as a holistic nutrition and life coach.

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